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ThermValidation provides professional thermal design services for electronics design and manufacturing companies.

ThermValidation has extensive experience in electronics cooling for various device types. Our team’s work goes from early concept design to prototype phase validation. Typical work cases for us include detailed component modelling, device level analysis of mobile devices, cabinet air channel optimization and the challenges around miniaturization. All the relevant heat transfer phenomena: convection, conduction and radiation can be included in our analysis.


Detailed CAD based simulation of LED module


Surface plot of tablet in 3D CAD based simulation model


Cartesian grid based 3D thermal simulation of tablet


3D CAD based simulation with velocity and air speed plot


IR image of tablet product surface temperatures


Close up IR image of component heating


IR image of LED light module


3D plot of surface temperatures in IR image of LED light module


Thermal design can significantly reduce development cost and time. Most of the issues and phenomena can be found and fixed before first prototypes are built. Our professional analyses can help to optimize your device heat management solution in your own product development. ThermValidation can provide:

detailed thermal simulation of single component
accurate thermal simulation of circuit boards and components
identify performance-limiting components
liquid cooling, heat sinks and fins and their optimization
model flow behavior for the entire system
detailed cooling fan and fluid channel simulations
modeling of large sets of equipment
quick evaluation of different physical layouts
device miniaturization
explore many different design options
perform “what-if“ studies
avoid costly design changes

Thermal Design services

Our Thermal Design services help clients to create a better product as well as saving time and money.

We will help in utilizing the most optimized thermal solutions and solving thermal issues without having to make costly prototypes making and time-consuming trial by error measurements.

Thermal Design for Product Concepting

1. Thermal Design for Product Concepting

As the client you are tasked with developing a thermal solution for your product, but might lack the experience, time or tools to address this alone.

We will work with you to determine the requirements and constraints of your product and degrees of freedom for the thermal solution.

Once the goals and design constraints have been established our team can optimize the design and study the sensitivity to the various design inputs and deliver the best and cost optimized design.


2. Thermal Simulation

As the client you are tasked with predicting the thermal performance of your product but lack the time or tools to address this alone.

Based on your inputs we construct a thermal analysis model to predict the thermal performance of your design by performing thermal analysis using CDF software.


3. Thermal Measurement

As the client you are tasked with knowing the thermal performance of your product, but lack the time or tools to address this alone. We will work with you in your laboratory premises or in our own laboratory to verify the thermal behaviour of your product.


4. Thermal Imaging

As the client you have a situation needing infrared-imaging capabilities, but lack the time or tools to address this alone.

Our laboratory setup is easily transportable enabling us to come on-site to perform thermal measurements and conduct a report on the findings.

IIR-measurement can be used for industry electrical failure hunting as well as finding and visualizing construction defects.

Our Clients

ThermValidation Component Transient thermal simulation

Many product development houses have trusted their thermal design challenges to our knowing hands, and many success stories could be told, but with us you can trust that your business secrets stays with us and therefore we cannot display many example cases here.

Our customer base is world-wide and we have helped design over 150 product concepts during our career. Products like:

small wrist devices
mobile phones
tablet devices
satellite communication
camera devices
military communication
USB peripherals
set-top boxes
precision measurement devices
health care devices
detailed component modelling
reference design platforms
power transformers
thermoelectric generator setups
cellular base stations


Experienced thermal design team lead by

Marko Nivala
CEO and Thermal Design Specialist with 15+ years of experience in thermal design.
+358 (0)40 506 2068
Janne Arola
Thermal Design Specialist with 13+ years of experience in thermal design.
+358 (0)50 480 1423

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